Value for Money

Value for Money

Published: 2022/9/9
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Tips for Getting Value for Money

1. Avoid peak season prices

Many safari areas offer an excellent experience outside of peak season and sometimes traveling just a week or two outside peak season can save you a noteworthy amount of money. Low season prices can be incredible value, though a greater compromise on the safari experience is usually expected. It is important to note that seasons are very relevant in Africa and some areas do offer a very different experience during their ‘low season’ months. Always ensure you have the seasons fully explained to you before planning.

2. Reduce your travelling and spend longer periods in fewer areas

Many people like visiting many areas in a country and spending less time per destination and will be packing and unpacking making their safari somewhat boring, as the saying goes ‘no hurry in Africa’ we believe it is often better to explore fewer areas in more depth, and this can help reduce overall costs. It is easily possible to spend a week or more in many of the best safari attraction areas, and there are many camps and lodges which offer long stay discounts.

3. Spend a lower proportion of your holiday actually on safari

A moving from one place to another (safari or rather transportation) is usually the most expensive section of your trip, so balancing your safari with time spent sight-seeing or relaxing on a beach is a good way to fit a longer holiday into a limited budget.

4. Choose the right countries that offer good combination for your safari needs

As covered in the sections below, certain countries offer better value for money options than others, and certain camps and lodges are obvious choices where value for money is a priority.

5. Which Countries Offer the Best Value Safaris?

Despite Gorilla and Chimps permits been expensive, Uganda and Rwanda tend to offer a much greater range of good quality, affordable safaris than other East Africa countries, as well as offering much more to do than ‘just safari’.

6. East Africa Safaris

For people looking at travelling between East Africa countries we advise you look at acquiring a multiple entry visa which is much cheaper and a good way to extend the length of your holiday whilst keeping the cost down. Combining Gorilla trekking in Uganda, Masai Mara Game Reserve and Kenya coast is a classic primate safari and beach combination and can offer superb value. For a longer safari including two different countries, a combination of primate, wildlife and beach safari can offer excellent value as well as a superb in depth wildlife experience.

7. For honeymooners or families

With older children looking for a Gorilla/wildlife safari and beach alternative then consider Uganda primates, a Southern Tanzania safari package and Zanzibar combination. Alternatively, there are limited affordable options in northern Tanzania, and a combination of Uganda/Rwanda Gorillas, Serengeti and Zanzibar is a fantastic option all this can be done with connecting internal flights thus saving money and time.

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